Production Process

Selecting and sorting high quality seaweed

Before we receive the seaweed from our farmers, we test the raw material in our laboratory and sort and select the high quality seaweed.

Cooking and washing the seaweed

After sorting of the seaweed, we process the seaweed based on the Good Manufacturing and Good Hygiene Practice.  Our production team applies total quality management including laboratory testing to ensure a good quality product and efficient production process.

Sundrying seaweed for pet food grade carrageenan

We have 15,000 square meter concrete land dedicated for sun drying using wire mesh to minimize spillage and maintain the cleanliness of the seaweed.

Indonesia has an average of 2450 hours of sunlight annually, which provides sufficient means of proper drying.

Oven drying seaweed for food grade carrageenan

To minimize contamination risks, we apply oven drying for our food grade carrageenan and apply the HACCP protocol.

Blending and packaging carrageenan

We have our blending and packaging facilities to achieve homogenous quality according to the carrageenan standard and to provide tailor fit solutions to our customer requirements.